Two Tips for Those Who Need to Go Shopping for New Footwear

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If you plan to go shopping for some new footwear in the near future, here are two things to keep in mind during your shopping trip.

Look for neutral-coloured footwear

If you want to ensure that you will be able to wear your new footwear with as many of your outfits as possible, then it is best to look for neutral-coloured shoes during your shopping trip.

Whilst colourful footwear can certainly brighten up an otherwise plain outfit, it will probably end up clashing with a lot of your clothes. A pair of bright red heels, for example, might look great with a black dress but could create a rather garish look when worn with a pink, orange or yellow garment.

Conversely, neutral-toned footwear in black, charcoal grey, beige or cream will blend in well with almost any outfit, regardless of its colour scheme.

If, however, you absolutely love using your footwear as a way to add a pop of colour to your clothing ensembles, it might be worth opting for a neutral-coloured lace-up pair of boots or trainers, and then investing in a few spare pairs of colourful laces, so that you can switch out the plain ones for a more colourful set on those days when you feel like brightening up your outfit.

Opt for high-quality

Higher-quality footwear is usually more expensive than its lower-quality counterpart. However, it is worth investing in the best shoes, boots or trainers you can afford, as unlike many other items in your wardrobe, your footwear is subjected to a lot of wear and tear.

The pressure of your bodyweight, coupled with exposure to rain, abrasive ground surfaces (such as gravel, for example) and mud can leave a poorly-made pair of shoes or boots in terrible condition after just a couple of months. At best, they may become scuffed and tattered-looking. At worst, they may actually develop holes or the sole may start to peel off. 

As such, bargain-price footwear often ends up being a false economy, as you usually find yourself having to replace it in less than a year.

Conversely, if you opt for well-made footwear, it will likely last for several years to come. Take Ugg boots, for example; these boots are made from the highest-grade sheepskin available and are known to be not only comfortable but also exceptionally robust.

Unlike cheaper boots, well-made boots can withstand regular exposure to the elements without falling apart or becoming excessively scuffed. Always opt for high quality if you can.